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Mass Laughs The Comedy Buffet
mass laughs the comedy buffet children's comedians ma

Enjoy a comedy show with great comedians

Mass Laughs The Comedy Buffet is a famous club for comedy services in MA. They have lots of services with standup comedy shows featuring great comedians that can easily amaze children. The doors open at 6:45 PM and the show starts at 7:30 PM. All the comedy shows are performed by great comedians named Andrew Williams, Matt Walley, Jess Miller, Tim Lucas, Andrea Newland, and guest host Kris Badal.


The Mass Laughs Comedy Show began their journey with the promise to serve the audience with a comedy show that can provide everyone with fun and laughter, for the children also.

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Southborough Rod & Gun Club
southborough rod & gun club shooting ranges in ma

Enjoy exciting shooting games at Southborough Rod & Gun Club 

Southborough Rod & Gun Club is dedicated to finding quality shooters for gaming and hunting. The club arranges exciting shooting leagues and has a wonderful environment for enjoying those games at. The club is even one of the oldest clubs of MA. Between the outdoor range of the club, the gaming and shooting practice, it is simply fun to be a member of the club. 


For detailed information you may check out the webpage of the club or contact them. The club shares their every detail on their webpage.

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The Beantown Photo Booth

Perfect photo booth rental for your event

The Beantown Photo Booth can be the perfect photo booth rental for your event. This photo booth rental company provides photo booths for weddings and many other events. The photo booths are also designed in a unique way to make your party exceptional from others. This company also provides full time attendants that stay for the entire event. All the attendants are also trained properly. 


The Beantown Photo Booth is used to provide quality work. So you need not to be worried about their quality.

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DJ Services in Western MA

Arrange an party exciting and fun with a DJ and photo booth rental

If you are arranging any party in MA with DJ services and photo booth rentals, DJ Services in Western MA is a popular name to the people in the area. They are able to provide DJ services including qualified photo services with affordable costs. Their great service can make your party memorable and fun easily.


People will be satisfied and will make the right choice without any confusion by taking the service from DJ Services in Western MA.

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Amherst Farm Winery

A Trip to the Past

 Have a trip to the past with the nostalgic look of Amherst Farm Winery in Massachusetts! Having preserved the look of the old dairy barn and added a little modernization, Amherst Farm Winery has a slightly old-fashioned and modernly artistic style of a winery.


They also offer receptions for celebrations like bridal showers, birthdays and even business meetings with affordable prices! So what are you waiting for? Go and celebrate in the past with Amherst Farm Winery in Massachusetts!

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category Wineries in MA
Les Trois Emmes Winery and Vineyard

Winery with Outdoor Functions?  This is the One!

 Need wine for all occasions in Massachusetts? Les Trois Emmes Winery and Vineyard can grant your wish! Les Trois Emmes Winery and Vineyard does not only offer wines for all occasions, but also a place to paint the town red! The winery is available for wedding receptions and other celebrations; it can also accommodate up to 125 people! The winery also offers private wine tasting and a tour in their facility!


Private wine tasting party, minimum of 10 guests, are also available after 5:00 pm for $20 each person. And the tour costs $6 only! So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends to Les Trois Emmes Winery and Vineyard in Massachusetts and enjoy the party!

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category Wineries in MA
Parties Over Boston

Need exuberance touch to add to your party?

Customize it to your theme and it will take your party to the next level. Not only will your party become better and more fun for everybody, it will be memorable and leave people talking. They offer services of great magicians in Boston. Conjurer can present all types of supernatural entertainment that will astound guests of all ages. They can craft viewers participation, or impart walk-around roaming magic. 


Whimsical perfection! They engage children and adults like no other with a brilliant blend of comedy magic, face painting and balloon sculpting. Birthdays, Corporate events, schools, libraries, and holiday parties. and  mix of magic, humor, and balloon animals are a huge hit.

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The Greatest Collection of Contemporary Art in Massachusetts

If your interest is in contemporary art, then this is one MA art museum you can't miss!  MASS MoCA has the largest collection of contemporary art in Massachusetts.  Open from 11 am-5 pm, closed Tuesdays.  Admission $15/adult, $10/student, $5/child.


As well as the visual arts, MASS MoCA also caters for the performing arts with up to 75 performances taking place every year.  Its education department also provides learning opportunities for all ages, including the Kidspace which provides an art gallery and studio designed especially for children.

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Berkshire Museum

Creativity and innovation through fun and play!

 Berkshire Museum is one of the best children’s museums in Massachusetts which aims at bringing people together for experiences that spark creativity and innovative thinking by making inspiring educational connections among art, history, and natural science. Opened Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. Closed Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day.


A lot of amazing and enjoyable exhibitions are there such as Nature Magnified: Photographs by Andreas Feininger, Ansel Adams: Masterworks, Bats: Creatures of the Night, Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation, Berkshire Backyard, Dinosaurs & Paleontology, Rocks and Minerals, World in Miniature, Aquarium and many more. Have a great time in the best children’s museum in Massachusetts.

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Blue Hills Reservation

A great collection of trails

 Some of the trails are short, and well maintained lasting only about 15-20 minutes round trip. Other trails are more primitive and can take several hours to walk. This is a great place to take the dogs. Just be careful with everyone's footing on some of the rockier parts.


There are a bunch of trails to choose from, and the park even offers options depending on your level and how much time you want to spend. The trails are extremely well-marked. There will be challenging sections, but nothing too tough to handle by any means. The hilltops offer great views of the surrounding area and even the Boston skyline on a moderately clear day. 

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category Hiking in MA
Boston Opera House

Best place to have opera fun!

 Massachusetts is a great place to be especially for theater lovers, whether you are tourist or a resident, it quite easy to find a great opera hall in MA which ushers you into a whole new world of entertainment.


If you are a theater lover, you have no business becoming bored as there are several events that you can attend in MA. When you visit the Boston Opera House you will see great performances that will be absolutely breathe taking! Don't wait too long to visit this opera house. You definitely don't want to miss out.    

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category Opera MA
Boston Clown
boston clown clowns ma

Most famous company for clowns

Boston Clown is the top company which provides the most professional clowns in MA. It started its journey in 1999 and also performed a lot of events up until now. Boston Clown is actually a group of top clowns in thr Boston area. Boston Clown offers a rare and unique opportunity to find many famous clowns in one place. 


The aim of Boston Clown is to offer fun and enjoyment for the kids at the most reasonable prices. So to get a clown to fit your low budget, Boston Clown will be the perfect destination.

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category Clowns MA
Blinkee The Clown
blinkee the clown clowns ma

A professional clown in MA

The owner and the main clown of Blinkee The Clown is Donna Featherstone who has been clowning in MA since October 1998. She works not only for the pleasure of children and parents but also for herself. She is highly skilled and professionally trained in clowning. Thus why she can deliver high quality fun services at any kids' event. 


Blinkee The Clown can be the perfect destination when searching for a renowned clown in MA. So, please contact the company to hire Blinkee The Clown for your next party.

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category Clowns MA
Daisy the Clown
daisy the clown clowns ma

Top clown in MA

Daisy the Clown is one of the most famous and renowned kids' party entertaining companies in MA. Daisy is the owner and top clown of this company who is able to make fun at any kind of kids' parties like birthday parties, school, church, community or corporate events and promotions. Providing high quality fun services to your party is the goal of Daisy the Clown.


Daisy the Clown has become famous through the best quality fun services, so no more worries about your kid's party entertainment. Just hire them for your next party.

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category Clowns MA
birthdayworks clowns ma

A famous kids' party entertainer in MA

Birthdayworks is one of the most famous kids' party entertainers in MA. It offers the top clowns in the MA area. All the clowns of Birthdayworks can make any party so much enjoyable because they are highly skilled and professional. Birthdayworks provides the best clowns for any kids' event like birthday parties, school, church, community or corporate events and promotions.


Make a call to hire the best clowns from Birthdayworks for your next kids' party and enjoy a lot of fun.

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category Clowns MA






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