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Hiking in MA

If you love adventure and beautiful scenery check out these hiking trials in MA. Enjoy the fresh air and the amazing scenery as you hike up mountains or through the woods. When you look through our guide to the best Massachusetts hiking spots, you can't go wrong!

740 South Street, Pittsfield, MA 01202


A broad area for hiking experience

Appalachian Trail is an exciting option for hikers to have fun and hike. For a wonderful hiking experience the place is truly amazing with so many things. The passive recreation footpath of 2100 miles and the breath-taking beauty of the path make for a wonderful hiking attraction for all. 


You may go here for a long-distance hike. For a hiking experience through mountains or to enjoy wonderful and calm nature, Appalachian Trail is truly amazing. 

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69 Blue Hill Road, Monterey, MA 01245


An exciting place for hiking

Beartown State Forest is a wonderful option for hiking and excitement. For people of MA that love to hike, the place is truly an awesome place for them. The forest contains a different look between summer and winter. The forest contains a huge area of over 12,000 acres. To enjoy wildlife with close contact even to have fun fishing and hiking, the forest is truly awesome. 


You may visit the forest to learn all about it or contact the forest office for any information. The forest offers you a breathtaking view with a variety of hiking trails.  

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78 Cape Street, Goshen, MA 01032


DAR State Forest is an exciting option for hikers

DAR State Forest offers hikers an amazing area for hiking fun. People of MA that love hiking, the forest is a nice option for them. The forest is even a nice place for camp groups to setup a camp for fun or bikers for mountain biking. Especially during the summer season, this is best for hiking the DAR State Forest. Even snowshoeing and skiing make the place full of fun for all seasons. 


For more information about hiking or camping or for anything else, you may contact the forest office of DAR State Forest. The place is really an exciting option for your hiking experience. 

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P.O. Box 105, Chester, MA 01001


A wonderful hiking attraction of MA

Chester-Blandford State Forest contains a huge area for hiking. The Sanderson Brook Falls and the road through the forest will be a nice experience for you to climb and hike. The place is even a naturally beautiful place with falls, green trees and more. For hikers, the 60 foot cascade of the fall of Sanderson Brook Falls is an attraction. 


For hikers the forest is truly an amazing place. If you really love hiking you may visit the forest. For more info about the forest and their hiking attractions you may contact the forest office. 

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