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Biking in Massachusetts

Have fun, see beautiful scenery and get some exercise in. When you go to one of these MA bike trials you will get to do all of that at one time. Spend a beautiful day outside  biking through the mountains or woods in Massachusetts. What better way to spend the day?

Great Woods Road, Lynn, MA 01904


There's enough riding here to last a lifetime

The entire reservation is surrounded by gravel fire roads and is interconnected all the way through with literally a hundred or more single track routes. Each route has its own number so make sure to take a map at the beginning so you don't get lost. They also vary from muddy swamp rides to boulder-infested hill climbs to crazy paths filled with logs, rocks, trees, large animals, and more! 


If you follow the signs to Dungeon Road leading to Dungeon Rock, you'll also be treated to some awesome hiking, which is a nice way to take a break. This is one of the best biking trails in MA!

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Jenkins Road, North Andover, MA 01845


This place is a Biker’s Heaven!

 Harold Parker State Forest, which lies in Andover, North Andover, North Reading and Middleton, comprises just over 3,000 acres of Central Hardwood-Hemlock-White Pine type of forest. The forest is twenty miles north of Boston and within one hour's drive of three million people. 


Recreational opportunities include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, camping and picnicking are waiting for you at this MA park.

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45 Mills Street, Foxboro, MA 02035


Check out the amazing scenery!

Covering 1,027 acres in Foxboro and Wrentham, F. Gilbert Hills is a "passive use" pine and oak forest. There are 23 miles of trails for various uses, looping through the forest. One of these leads to the Warner Trail, a long-distance hiking trail that travels through Norfolk County on its way to Rhode Island. Mountain Biking is a widely popular activity and there are also trails for ORVs and horseback riding at this Massachusetts park.


Franklin and Wrentham State Forests are minimally developed properties that offer numerous intersecting trails and dirt roads.  

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64 Cedar Street, Holliston, MA 01757


This trail is great! 

 The downhill sections are very fast and there are a lot of rocks so it hops you up and down but if you have a bike that you know how to use with some good shocks it is good and fun. You should know that the more regular riders have gone through several bikes because of the tree jumps and rocks along the trail. 


However, do not let that discourage you, it is a great ride! So come to this biking trail in MA today!

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Meetinghouse way, Barnstable, MA 02668


The best riding in Cape Cod!

The best stuff is through the woods, its mostly single trails with a combination of some fast down-hill sections and excellent little climbs, they all flow together perfectly. It’s got some pretty technical sections as well. Spend your summers riding out here and you will be surprised that you may not be able to cover all the possible trail combinations. There is a chance you could get turned around and somewhat lost but it's all part of the fun.


Check out this MA biking trail, it is great!

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Notown Road, Fitchburg, MA 01420


A Very Well-Manicured Trail Experience!

The trails at Leominster State Forest are extensive and offer a wide variety of terrains. The terrain available to mountain bikers ranges from rolling unpaved fire roads to more technical, single track, multi-use trails. Hiking trails are off limits to bikers. 


New England Mountain Bike Association has been an ardent supporter of the trail system here. The Wachusett Chapter of NEMBA generally runs four trail maintenance days, two in the spring and two in the fall. All are welcome to join in the fun and help to improve the trails at this biking park in MA.

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Osterville West Barnstable Road, Barnstable, MA


A thickly wooded parcel of beauty!

The Otis Atwood Conservation Area is a 1.6-mile rolling single track trail off Osterville-West Barnstable Road near the Trail of Tears on Cape Cod. It's perfect for novice mountain biking and is also easily accessible from Route 6 in MA. This fun, fast mini-loop bears little resemblance to its nearby big brother, the Trail of Tears in the West Barnstable Conservation Area.


The route traverses hilly terrain through an oak & pine forest mixed with scattered holly and white pine. 

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204 Union Street, Hingham, MA 02043


The trails of Wompatuck offer a variety of riding experiences!

Wompatuck is bisected by Union Street. In the past most of the off road bicycling was done on the right side of Union Street where the majority of the park's unbroken woodland exists. 


But, over the past few years the park's staff, aided by area mountain bikers, has been hard at work creating an entirely new network of single track trails on the left side of the MA park.

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107 Wallum Lake Road, Douglas, MA 01516


Douglas State Forest is pretty big!

This is a great place to go exploring. There is a newer trail towards the south east side that had to have been built by Mountain Bikers; tight, technical and fun. To the north on the West side there is an awesome section that includes something of a mini canyon / quarry. 


The consistency of rock and boulders will test most biker’s skill level. The climbs are moderate, but technical, so go easy. Get ready for some great MA biking!

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130 Mill Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824


Challenging yet familiar experiences!

Russell Mill now sports 7 miles of biking trails ridden in one direction with enough connector trails that easily allow much of the system to be ridden forwards and backwards giving the potential for a 10 to 12 mile ride in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. 


The trail design ensures the ability to have enough of a different riding experience doing the same trail in reverse and makes it easy to do so. Along with the trails there is a pump track on site.

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164 Cedar Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


A Great Recreational Park!

By the parking areas are lots of short single and double track trails. Some nice parts but they all go up and down the same hill that is circled by park road. Many people come to this MA biking trail so ride carefully! The other side of 85 is also the park and is less travelled. Trails are slower due to leaf build up and lack of maintenance.


Trails can be somewhat crowded with roots and lots of sharp turns and stone wall crossings. Not big on features or stunts but there are some rollers and other interesting parts.

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196 Main Street, Swansea, MA 02777


Village Park features several unusual rock formations!

“Pudding-stones", with names like Wildcat Rock and Lion Rock, some can be ridden but are easier to hike. Hike or bike, they are well worth the climb for a decent view of MA scenery. The Village Park Trails are frequented by hikers, dog walkers, runners, and bikers alike. 


By looping trails within the park, you can crank out a decent 10 to 12 mile ride. There is some climbing involved but for the most part, a smooth fast ride. Be sure to visit the "Trail Elf" made features such as teeters, rock drops, log-overs, and bridges.

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Route 8A, Hawley, MA 01070


Dubuque is a mountain biker's paradise! 

This place abounds with excellent single tracks. If you are attentive you can find 15-20 miles of exhilarating, challenging and fun single tracks. The trail is not advanced but a good level of technique will help you. There are not too many large hills unless you go too far north.


On weekends it is not unusual to find a few Massachusetts locals getting ready for a bike ride. There are at least 25 miles of great single track here.

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1 Turning Mill Road, Lexington, MA 02420


Come and Experience this Livable Community!

The Landlocked Forest contains 13 miles of trails and historic backwoods paths. The trails wind their way up small ravines and through pine forests, blueberry patches, and rock escarpments. In the winter, the paths are well trodden by snow shoers and cross-country skiers, and during the rest of the year, the trails are enjoyed by walkers, trail runners, bicyclists and families looking to find a brief respite from suburban life.  


These trails are a town asset, and allow visitors to experience and appreciate the natural environment without damaging it. Come check out these biking trail in MA now!

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259 Massapoag Avenue, North Easton, MA 02356


Only for the brave heart bikers!

This trail is technical with several hidden single tracks. There are plenty of 'blue' grade trails but sections of many of the single tracks in the north side of the park are more difficult. You will need to have some skills to traverse these routes, otherwise you may find yourself hiking your bike or breaking gears. Baby head sections with burst climbs and lots of granite boulders plus tight trees formations and narrow splits make this a solid challenge for the worthy.


As a result of the difficulty, you will not find many bikers in the area. This is one intense bike trail in MA!

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Needham, Dedham, MA


Cutler Park is a maze of trails

The trails are mostly single tracks with a few planked areas to go over the wetlands. As you enter the trails from the parking lot, keep going until you get onto the main trail network. After that just keep exploring and you will find some great fast loops.


The single tracks nearest to the highway go up and down Cutler's only hill. They are quite fun and include one roller coaster like section. Experience great biking in MA here!

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462 North Street, Feeding Hills, MA 01030


Good old fashioned Fun!

You will find a lot of great flowing single tracks. Nothing too hard or technical, but you will find them to be a lot of fun as they flow so well and are rather tight. They are not marked, but are very well maintained. You will like the southeastern side the best, it’s a single track. Look out for small mud puddles and log sections, all in a great riding experience.


Enjoy the northwest section where the difficulty level is a little too easy, but still fun riding. Have fun at this MA bike trial.

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Linebrook Road, Ipswich, MA 01938


A Whole new World!

Willowdale is part of a massive network of double tracks and single tracks plowing into the forests of Wenham and the surrounding towns. It networks together with Bradley Palmer State Forest, Georgetown-Rowley State Forest, and Willowdale itself. The trails themselves are a mix of rolling, smooth, and rooted single and double tracks that make for fantastic bike riding in MA.


The forest is about 2400 acres and holds more than 40 miles of trails. You normally have the entire place to yourself. Willowdale State Forest is high on everyone's list for exploration.

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, Plymouth, MA


Explore the Unique Bridges!

Pine Hill Park has a non-profit volunteer organization formed to steward the 300 acre woods. Through the cooperation of the Rutland Recreation Department, the organization has brought about the transformation seen throughout the park. Partnering and coordinating many local groups, individuals, businesses, schools and agencies, The Pine Hill Partnership has painstakingly formed the park’s uniquely diverse and beautiful 16 mile trail system. 


Tens of thousands of strenuous man-hours have created the flowy single track bike trails through difficult and rocky Massachusetts terrain. All the pickaxing, shoveling, bridge building and signage has been entirely donated by volunteers coordinated through and by The Pine Hill Partnership.

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80 Carby Street, Westwood, MA 02090


Fun, fun, fun place!

Hale has an extensive bike trail system that is primarily maintained by MA rangers and volunteers. The trails are used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders, joggers, skiers and naturalists. Please show courtesy for all users. Hale has five marked trails and numerous un-marked trails. 


Hale has a lot of good trails with varied terrains from single tracks, double tracks, flats, steep, short hills and long hills. They are not named but some are marked. 

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